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Therapy Coaching
with ACT 

What is ACT? 

With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) we work towards restoring and maintaining the balance within yourself and that you are able to make choices that are important to you, based on your core values. 

Sometimes we feel stuck. You want to take a step, but you don't get any further. Fear of the future, fear of change, You are stuck in a certain rut. How do you deal with things that make you feel stuck? In your work, in your relationship?

With ACT you learn to accept (unpleasant) experiences in your life and to distance yourself from the brooding in your mind, which may comment on everything, always know better, or add an extra shovel of misery to everything. This means that you do not fight against thoughts, fear or pain. You also don't continuously try to prevent or avoid annoying things in your life. Simply because a life without misery does not exist and because the fight or avoidance against that misery costs a lot of energy. You learn to connect with what you experience here and now and you map your own values in order to learn to act actively and committed to these values. This is called increasing your psychological flexibility. 

Therapy or Coaching? 

I do not distinguish between therapy and coaching. It's about the positive effect, what works for you.

I work with methodical interventions from ACT, Mindfulness based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). These are considered third generation cognitive behavioral therapy. I also work with Positive Psychology and Method of Levels. 

What does a counseling process look like?

During an introductory meeting, we first discuss what is going on and where you want to go. I tell you about how I work and of course I also ask you some questions. We also look at which form of guidance might suit you. Perhaps an individual 8-week mindfulness basic training MBSR&MBCT or the Mind Your Color training where we go deeper into your personal themes and integrate ACT. We can also schedule individual sessions if you need them. 

It is about your process, you decide what suits you and what feels okay for you. It may also be that I can not offer what you need, so I will be honest about that. In that case I will at least help you with what might suit you. 

What can you contact me with? 

If you experience problems

  • with your concentration;

  • in your relationship; 

  • in your career;

  • with prolonged physical pain;

  • with low self-esteem (inner-critic)

  • with stress complaints; 

  • problems in the field of exclusion and discrimination, for example due to your sexual orientation, the color of your skin or your religion.

  • You have lost a loved one or the loss goes in steps, for example with a loved one with dementia

  • You come out of a burnout or a depression;

  • It may also be that you are looking for what it all means, this life.


Know that you are not the only one experiencing this. You can learn to deal with the challenges in your life, you don't have to do this alone. Feelings of loneliness are greater than ever. Ask for help, find the one you feel safe with. There are several ways that can contribute to your well-being and development. No shoe fits all. 

Where do I work from?   

I work online and from multiple locations.

Diemen: Home for Bodymind, Burgemeester Bickerstraat 17

Amsterdam Weesp: The Connective, Pampuslaan 141

Almere: Green Central, De Binderij 9

What are the costs?

A single session costs €130 on location and €115 online*

You get a discount with a trajectory of 8 sessions. It then costs €780at location and €650 online* 

NB. Most health insurers reimburse counseling from the supplementary insurance. Check for that Zorgwijzer

With limited financial resources, a reduced rate if possible or a donation based on dana.  

* If your employer pays, 21% VAT will be added.

Because of my background I am experienced in guiding

professionals in the social, healthcare, political domain,


people with cultural and gender diversity, 

 women, young people

and anyone else who needs it.

For more information or if you think I can be of help, 

please contact me. 




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